To all of our valued customers,

Thank you for choosing to dine with us at Chuck's Steak House. Chuck's has enjoyed a long and successful history thanks to our loyal customers.

Our partner, Chuck Rolles, opened his first steak house in 1959 in Waikiki, Hawaii. Chuck was an All-American basketball player at Cornell University in 1956. After a stint in the Navy as a fighter pilot Chuck settled down in Hawaii. Chuck is still golfing, shooting his age quite often (83!).

1959 was a much simpler and peaceful time for our country. Dwight Eisenhower was President. Castro took over Cuba. Alaska and Hawaii attained statehood. It was the year of the Ford Edsel. Frank Lloyd Wright died, John McEnroe was born. Hula Hoops were the craze. The top movie was Ben Hur. Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Richie Valens died in a tragic plane crash. A 12oz. Top Sirloin was $2.95 and the first ever buffet salad bar debuted at Chuck’s Steak House!

When Chuck opened his second steak house in Los Angeles in 1963, I delivered their bread and soon started waiting tables 5 nights a week after running my bread route. Over the years, Chuck made a few of his managers partners. I was fortunate enough to become a partner in 1969 in East Haven, Conn. I moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1973 opening our first Florida location on the SE 17th Street Causeway.

My partners at Commercial Blvd, Gino SantaLucia, and my wife Louise, both started in 1973. My daughter, partner, and manager, Maureen Jordan, started in 1978. Our manager Scott Stempkowski debuted in 1982. We also welcome Matthew Benivegna to our management staff.

The crew at Chuck's Steak House is 100% committed to offering a friendly, family oriented neighborhood restaurant, featuring consistent quality food, service, and value. Perhaps one of our long-term employees will be waiting on your table today!

Much gratitude to all of our customers from - Paul and Louise Proffer, Gino, Chuck, Maureen, Scott, Matthew and the entire Chuck’s Steak House staff!

We would like to give special recognition to the employees who have been part of our Chuck’s Steak House family for many years!

Rich Naylor
Scott Stempkowski
David Ardon
Janis Walsh
Israel Garcia
Dawn Vetro

Jose Salmeron
Yanira Raes


Felix Reyes
Lucio Ardon
Lettie Serrano

Jennifer Ardon
Jason Proffer


Tony Bondanella
Juan Benitez
Miguel Sandoval

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